Ministry of HE, Training and Scientific Research-MESRSFC

Moroccan Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Training

The Minister of Higher Education, Training and Scientific Research develops and implements government policy in the field of HE academic and scientific research. It ensures and monitors the policies execution in accordance with laws and regulations, is responsible for implementation of the national university educational system, to ensure its implementation and develop the reforms; establish and promote basic and applied scientific research; maintain a vibrant cultural cooperation, bilateral and international; prepare development plans for higher education university, to ensure their implementation and to conduct the evaluation of university educational system; to undertake for the benefit of students of social action, sports and culture; exercise administrative control, scientific and educational on private higher education; prepare all draft laws and regulations affecting higher education academic and scientific research; supervise universities for planning of scientific research.

Role in the project:

The Ministry of Education will support the set up of the Moroccan monitoring system, through the carrying on of the in depth analysis of the Moroccan local context and socio-economic environment, with special focus on higher education system needs and requirements. It will be direct involved in professional degrees inventory building task as final beneficiary/user of the new tool. It will support sustainability plan by reinforcing stakeholders commitment and participation rates, accounting the project’ policy implication through sensitizing local institutions, business representative institutions and the academia. It will also support managing and financial structure and promotion of the joining of new partners in the system.