U. Cadi Ayyad, Marrakech

Cadi Ayyad University (UCA)

Founded in 1978, UCA has efficiently dedicated the last thirty years of its activity to meet the joint challenges of massive increase in student numbers and adaptation to social need for education and research. UCA has currently 12 institutions that are located in two regions of the kingdom: Marrakech Tensift Elhaouz and Abda Doukkala. It involves 4 University towns: Marrakech, Kalaa of Sraghna, Essaouira and Safi. The number of new enrolled students for the academic year 2009-2010 has reached 11061 students. The Cadi Ayyad University has developed a network of inter-university cooperation with countries of the European Union (France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Italy, and Finland), with North America (United States and Canada ), and several Arab countries such as Algeria, Tunisia, Syria, Egypt and the UAE.

Role in the project:

Being a university already customized in the Maroc-Laurea system, the partner will be in charge of competence provision and capacity transfer to the new comers for the transferring of the same level of competences of the university already in the system. Among monitoring surveys UCA will work at local/university level in all actions useful for reports’ issue: DB cleaning; ex post utilization/analysis of survey results for evaluation of internal effectiveness of academic system and

attitude of local labour market towards students. For local observatory MADIP model will be used benchmark in order to evaluate state of the art and study a convergence initiative (organizing structure and services provision) leading to the creation of the national network. UCA will be deeply involved in dissemination activities and in the involvement direct beneficiaries and community at large in projects results, outcomes and perspective of enlargement to both national and international stakeholders.

Website: http://www.uca-en.ucam.ac.ma/the-university/rub-18.php