Centre d'études et de recherches sur les qualifications– CEREQ


Céreq is a public body working for the Ministry of Education and the Employment Ministry. As a public centre of expertise at the service of the key players in education, training and employment, it produces statistics and analyses and provides advice and proposals intended to clarify choices in the area of education and training policies at regional, national or international level. For the purpose of this specific proposal, it is most important to stress that Céreq is the French designer and operator of the national survey on the transition between education and the labour market (the so called Generation surveys). It is formally connected with a network of sixteen regional centers based in University research units and most often affiliated to the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). It also research the relations between work activity and training contents for given occupational field in the context of the changing organization of work, human resources management policies.

Role in the project:

The most important French observatory on employment and qualifications, producing statistics, research activity and providing support for policy implementation. Given the expertise in developing monitoring tools for QA (in France and Tunisia), CEREQ will drive WP activities, in particular the background analysis, design of the most suitable and comparable methodology and expertise to be transferred to local research units; Report preparation and in particular the 2 Graduates Job Condition Surveys production (WP2). It will support dissemination of project results through its direct involvement in the reaching of stakeholders and potential beneficiaries at French/European level. Promotion of project externalities through fostering mobility of skilled labour.


Website: http://www.cereq.fr/