AlmaLaurea (coordinator)

AlmaLaurea Inter-University Consortium (AL)

AlmaLaurea (AL) is an inter-university consortium set up in Italy, a bottom up initiative born at the University of Bologna, in 1994. As a meeting point for graduates, universities and the business world, nowadays AlmaLaurea represents 64 Universities in the Country (80% of Italian graduates) with more than 1.700.000 curricula of graduates in its database. Among them main goals: to provide national/local governments and member universities with complete, continuous, reliable and timely documentation on the evolution of graduates’ academic careers; to foster graduates’ employability tracing their characteristics and “career path”; to promote graduates access to labour markets and lifelong learning; to provide guidance and assessment tools to students. Every year AL issues two surveys: the Graduates profile analyzing graduates' characteristics and performances (at different courses, faculties and universities); the Graduates'employment condition at 1,3 and 5 years after graduation.

Since 2009 AL is working on Graduates Insertion and Assessment Project (GrInsA/Tempus Programme) based on quality assessment and support of  employability of Moroccan graduates; the 2013-2015 Project Tempus ISLAH  (Instrument at Support of Labour market and Higher Education) will enlarge cooperation in Morocco and extend it to Tunisia. Under Adria-Hub (Adriatic IPA program) project AL is cooperating with countries facing the Adricatic sea in developing its database system.

Role in the project:

This consolidated relationship of the applicant with Morocco and Tunisian HE is the starting point for action’s implementation. It will coordinate DB tools development planning , training of local staff. Support for DB population (WP1). Given the expertise in developing monitoring tools, AL will support the design of the most suitable methodology and expertise transferring to local research units (WP2). Assure sustainability and harmonization of local units for the implementation of the hub and spoke network (WP3). Design and development of the services web platform and linked with the graduates DB (national level) (WP4). Degree monitoring activity. Develop IT solutions for national registry of training and professional degrees development (WP5). Dissemination event is planned in Bologna, web communications and stakeholders reaching (WP6) Design of managing and financial structure, methodological guidelines for graduates profile (WP7). Management and quality control (WP8-9).