ISLAH Beneficiaries

The ISLAH project addresses the following groups of beneficiaries in Morocco and Tunisia:

Governing bodies of Higher Education and Employment

Providing a documentations and effective, efficient and transparent indicators for the monitoring of the needs and the evaluation of the performances of the partner Universities

Partner Universities

  • Free and real time access to the complete, reliable, timely and updated statistical data, necessary to strengthen the strategy aiming at a better adequacy between training and job.
  • Production of documents allowing the definition of decisional processes and the activity planning
  • Implementation of a complete system of information for the evaluation of internal and external efficacy
  • Facilitated access to job accompaniment for higher education graduates
  • Possibility of expanding the ISLAH experience at national level by transferring the model to other non-partner universities at the end of the project

Moroccan and Tunisian graduates/students

  • Free use of placement services
  • Easy access to information on internship and job offers
  • Improving career and job guidance opportunities
  • Academic career certification


  • Systematic identification of graduates’ characteristics thanks to the access to database and to the interconnected web platform
  • Possibility to select a qualified staff, which academic career was certified by Universities
  • Possibility to publish on the project web platform job and internship offers