Confédération Générale des Entreprises Du Maroc - CGEM

General Confederation of Moroccan Firms (CGEM)

The Morocan General Confederation of Entrepreneus (CGEM) is a private employers organization that represents Moroccan companies. CGEM mission, on behalf of its 3,000 direct members and 30000 indirect members, is to support their needs and modernize the Moroccan business environment. CGEM aims at: act as proposing force vis-à-vis the public authorities and social partnerships; enhance the role of enterprises in wealth creation, economic development, social cohesion; promote and contribute to the implementation of a policy of corporate development and improvement of the investment; promote and encourage national and international partnerships.

Role in the project:

The partner will provide support for Regional cooperation, establishing cooperative links with the local observatories and giving advice on services shaping and local economies competences shortcomings. CGEM will also liaise with Tunisian UTICA in order to show them objectives, benefits and project achievements. The partner will be committed in spreading information about the new Job Market place services towards affiliated entrepreneur providing useful tests on usability and consistence of services and will help university to identify best fitting enterprises representative to involve locally in Focus Groups, taking also part actively in it. Support to internship/stages opportunities search in affiliated company contributing to establishing new link universities local observatories. support the dissemination of project results and outcomes with specific focus to Moroccan firms and the business sector. Enhance observatories network potentialities and sensitize firms.