U.“Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah”, Fes

Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University (USMBA)

The USMBA position of excellence as place of distribution of knowledge and culture. Having a staff of 80 000 students and being structured in 12 establishments, distributed on 4 geographical sites, it covers three disciplinary fields: Science and Techniques Arts and Humanities and Sciences Law, Economics and Social Sciences. The USMBA offers 197 sectors including 103 professionalizing training at all levels of education. The employability of graduates is a major concern for managers and teaching staff of the University. USMBA has a big interest in University / Company relations shown by the by the commitment of experts and socio-economic partners in the supervision of the training courses and in career paths without forgetting the strengthening of device for guidance and insertion. Moreover, the USMBA set up a city of innovation in order to play its role of vector of regional socio-economic development.

Role in the project:

Integration in the system and IT development, particularly for what concern the technical part, as establishment of data collection and data merge procedures, at newcomers level. Work at local/university level in all actions useful for reports’ issue: DB cleaning and dataset preparation for statistical analysis; and ex post utilization/analysis of survey results for evaluation of internal effectiveness of academic system and attitude of local labour market towards students. Spread of

local observatory good practice on the whole group of ISLAH universities helping them to model their local initiatives, promoting network building. Direct participation to seminars and conferences and in dissemination at local level, sensitizing local stakeholders on projects’ outcomes and in promoting new partners’ joining. Sustainability coordination focusing on reinforcing stakeholders commitment and participation, accounting the project’ policy implication through continuous involvement of Ministries.

Website: http://www.usmba.ac.ma/