U. Mohamed Premier, Oujda

Mohammed Premier University

Composed of five faculties and four schools, the University Mohammed Premier aims to train students in various fields: science, law, arts, history, geography, languages, management, economics, technology, science of engineering and science of medicine. UMP welcomes over 21,200 students (2007-2008 academic year) across sites of Oujda and Nador, and employs 590 teachers and 440 administrative and technical staff. With all his might (research, training, education, multidisciplinary), the Mohammed Premier University hopes to collaborate to the development of the region and country. It provides: - Joint research services providing a high-tech equipment, - Departments including the various laboratories: the mathematical sciences, earth sciences, water, biology, chemistry, physics, electronics, electrical, automation, computer, engineering, management sciences, humanities, - Centers: COSTE, CU, UPC, CEMMM, Centre for

Remote Sensing, CULCOM, responsible for uniting the research activities.

Role in the project:

Being a university already customized in the Maroc-Laurea system, the partner will be in charge of competence provision and capacity transfer to the new comers for the transferring of the same level of competences of the university already in the system. Among monitoring surveys UMP will work at local/university level in all actions useful for reports’ issue: DB cleaning; ex post utilization/analysis of survey results for evaluation of internal effectiveness of academic system and

attitude of local labour market towards students. UMP will be involved in direct participation to seminars and conferences and in dissemination at local level through network activities and addressing academic and business associations (direct/indirect link with the institution). Also spurring the benefits emerging from its involvement in MADIP, it evaluates state of the art and study a convergence initiative (structure and services provision) leading to the creation of the national network.


Website: http://webserver1.ump.ma/