Meeting for the implementation of local observatories (WP3)

Marseille, 6th-7th May 2014

On last 6th and 7th May took place a meeting with the 20 partners of the ISLAH project on the implementation of local observatories in each Moroccan and Tunisian partner university, in order to enhance students’ employability. The meeting was also the opportunity of the Steering Comity of the project, to take stock of the state-of-the art of the activities in program.

The first day of the meeting, organized by the University of Aix-Marseille (AMU) in collaboration with AlmaLaurea, focused on the presentation of the existing measures in the partner universities. After the welcoming speeches of Mr. Thierry Paul, Vice President in charge of  training at AMU, and of Prof. Andrea Cammelli, Director of AlmaLaurea, the oral presentations of Mrs Evelyne Marchetti, President of AMU and of Mr Marco Piana, Global recruiter for AlmaLaurea permitted to deal with the various existing services in both institutions for students’ career choice and their access to labor market. Successively, Prof. El Moussaoui presented the measures for employability implemented during the Tempus project MADIP coordinated by the University Abdelmalek Essaâdi of Tétouan-Tangier.

The afternoon was dedicated to a general view of the policies for graduates’ access to labor market in Tunisia, thanks to the presentations of prof. Salah Boumaiza from Jendouba University, of the representative of Moroccan and Tunisian ministries of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and of the Director of the ONEQ (Tunisia).

On the 7th May, the day opened with the Steering Committee of the ISLAH project, an essential moment to closely monitor the project evolution and to face together the obstacles to be overcome to reach the goals that were set. The meeting proceeded then with four thematic working groups aiming at exchanging good practices, which can be re-used by the different partners in the observatories in construction: Operational and communicative actions and tools for students (digital tools and collective actions in presence);  Operational and communicative actions and tools addressed to enterprises (establishment of a connection between students and enterprises; student entrepreneurship).

Each working group was introduced by a presentation of the Aix-Marseille University team in charge of graduates’ career choice and access to labor market. These working groups offered great opportunities of exchanging ideas and to display a exhaustive picture of services for students’ career choice and access to labor market thanks to a direct and special relation with enterprises.

The feedback of the debates in plenary session permitted the needs analysis, in the perspective of the tools put at disposal by the ISLAH project and of the training courses to be implemented in favor of the staff in charge of the observatories management.

The two-day meeting proceeded at a sustained pace in order to treat the several topics foreseen by the project, and to anticipate, besides the local observatories, the question of the creation of the national observatories, which will constitute the hubs of the hub and spoke networks, and to address the fundamental question of the sustainability of the implemented measures. Thanks to the strong implication of the partners, to the enthusiasm and of every one’s active participation, the meeting concluded itself successfully on the perspectives of the construction of the observatories, according to the objectives that were set.