U. Moulay Ismaïl, Meknès

Moulay Ismaïl University (UMI)

After its creation in 1982, Moulay Ismail University quickly developed to become one of the most important institutions of higher education in Morocco. The University offers, in the main campus in the city of Meknes (center of Morocco) and in a smaller one in the southern city of Errachidia (the gate to the Tafilalet oases), a broad range of educational and training programs in such fields as Science and Technology, Social Sciences and Humanities, Economics and Management, Public and Private law, Mathematics, Industrial and Mechanical Engineering, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Industrial Data Processing and Quality Control and Maintenance. Internationally the University has over 120 cooperation agreements with universities in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America. The University has a student population of about 38000, all full-time, seeking degrees at the Bachelor's (Licence), Master's and Doctorate levels as well as in specialized degrees in Engineering & Technology.

Role in the project:

Being a university already customized in the Maroc-Laurea system, the partner will be in charge of competence provision and capacity transfer to the new comers for the transferring of the same level of competences of the university already in the system. Among monitoring surveys UMI will work at local/university level in all actions useful for reports’ issue: DB cleaning; ex post utilization/analysis of survey results for evaluation of internal effectiveness of academic system and attitude of local labour market towards students. For local observatory MADIP model will be used benchmark in order to evaluate state of the art and study a convergence initiative (organizing structure and services provision) leading to the creation of the national network. As former GrInsA project ground Coordinator, it will coordinate locally the implementation of the newly developed job demand/supply services. UMI will host 2 dissemination seminars: kick off and final conference.

Website: http://www.umi.ac.ma/?lang=en