Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training MFPE-ONEQ

Tunisian Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training MFPE

The National Observatory for Employment and Skills (ONEQ) is a component of the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment, full component of the national statistics system and a specialized tool for decision support in the field of Employment and Skills. The work of setting up the Observatory began in 1997. It was established by Decree No. 615 of 13 March 2000. The overall mission of ONEQ is to develop an information system on the labor market, to conduct analyzes on employment and skills and to disseminate the results of these analyzes. In this context, it is referred to gather information on market conditions of employment in national, regional and sectoral accordance with the laws and regulations concerning the national statistics; conduct surveys to monitor the employment situation in the enterprises; evaluate programs and instruments adopted in the field of employment; conduct studies and analyzes to provide some light on future trends in employment and occupation.

Role in the project:

The Ministry of Labor’s local observatory, being a best practice at local level in both monitoring activities and recruitment services for enhancing employability, will support the set up of the Tunisian monitoring system , through the carrying on of the in depth analysis of the Tunisian local context and socio-economic environment, with special focus on labour market dynamics. In strong synergies with AL and CEREQ, given past joint experiences in monitoring HE system and labour market in Tunisia, ONEQ will support the design of the most suitable methodology and expertise transferring to tunisian research units, with particular focus on job condition survey design. It will also support the background analysis of Tunisian initiatives and tools for monitoring QA and employability.