U. of Gafsa

Gafsa University

University of Gafsa was founded on July 2004, it covers two towns Gafsa and Tozeur where 15000 students study.

There’re 11 institutions at Gafsa University, offering numerous 3 year (LMD) and master degree programs in sciences and technology, in economic and management, in mathematics and information systems, in engineering, as well as in languages, human sciences arts and Crafts.

Our contribution well be through the human potential of our administrative staff, our teachers, students and partnerships , our research units and scientific equipments.

• University Partenerships:

27 Cooperation agreements with France, Germany, China, USA, Italy, Spain, Marocco. Djbouti, Algeria, Russia

• Partnerships with Businesses and Government Agencies:

16 cooperation agreements between University of Gafsa and its economic environment.

Role in the project:

UGAF will support monitoring system set up, IT development, technical activities related to planning and data collection and data merge procedures, local staff training (to be held in Bologna). Planning and data collection will define requirements for local DB inception in accordance with local experts specifics. Work at local level in all actions useful for monitoring reports’ issue: DB cleaning, dataset preparation for statistical analysis; and ex post utilization/analysis of

survey results for evaluation of internal effectiveness of academic system and local labor market attitude towards students. Local Observatory design and build up, MADIP model will be used as initial benchmark in order to evaluate state of the art of career/guidance units. New services set up, tests with users (companies looking for human resources, graduates seeking job or training , etc.). Companies Focus group organization on site, national degree inventory, sensitization on stage/internships practices.

Website: http://www.ugaf.rnu.tn/