U. of Monastir

Monastir University

The University of Monastir was founded in 2004 as a result of separation between the University of Sousse and Monastir.

It includes 16 universities distributed among the governorates of Monastir and Mahdia, some dating back to 1975. The UM has over 2,000 teachers, 28,000 students and 700 administrative staff.

The University of Monastir adopted the LMD reform since 2005, to support the internationalization of degrees and gain clarity and openness in line with its main international partners. This is how Faculties subject to the system LMD are currently fully covered by bachelors and masters courses in general or professional subjects. Employability has currently the main concern and subject of the forthcoming reforms. UM also has established several years a network of international collaboration agreements with over 100 worldwide and projects in several networks (including 3 TEMPUS since 2002).

Role in the project:

Monastir will support monitoring system set up, IT development, technical activities related to planning and data collection and data merge procedures , coordination of local staff training (to be held in Bologna). Work at local/university level on monitoring reports’ issue: DB cleaning, dataset preparation for statistical analysis; ex post utilization/analysis of survey results for evaluation of internal effectiveness of academic system and local labor market attitude towards students. Local Observatory design and build up, MADIP model will be used as initial benchmark in order to evaluate state of art of career and guidance support provided at local level and study convergence initiative towards a common local observatory model (structure and services provision). The partner will coordinate the organization in each Tunisian site enterprises focus group aimed at identify skill needs. Internship/stages promotion towards firms representatives. Degree inventory design and conduction.

Website: http://www.um.rnu.tn/